Trees in wintertime

I like trees in every season, but in wintertime, one can really see the structure of a tree. All decoration has disappeared, only the essentials remain. After the leaves have dried and have fallen, only the trunk, large branches, smaller branches, and a maze of little branches and twigs, remain. In winter, some types of trees look trim and neat, all of their branches point straight up to the sky, parallel to the trunk. Others are more capricious with twisted and gnarled branches. Both are beautiful in their own way. Dark silhouettes of trees, clearly showing against the grey sky.

Some trees never have grown beyond a certain height, the trunk divided at that point horizontally in several branches, possibly because of the wind. In the coastal area, one comes across such trees more often, than in town. When I went ‘tree watching’ in town, I saw many Birches with slender drooping branches. They appear somewhat vulnerable.

Many a front garden has a large old pine tree at the centre. Beautifully shaped sturdy trunks with thick branches covered with thick clusters of pine needles which remain dark green, in winter.

Just a few days ago I noticed some Weeping Willows with light green branches. Heralds of spring, I hope.

February 2022

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