The Fox in the Dunes

Early this spring, on a Wednesday afternoon, we took a ride on our tandem through the dunes. It was a sunny day. Along the bike path, we unexpectedly saw a fox’s head under a bush. The white details of its ears and snout lit up in the sunlight. The fox didn’t move, probably keeping an eye on what was happening on the bike path. I had seen a fox before, but never like this, lurking from the bushes. This fox might have been guarding a den of cubs. Other times, I had seen foxes crossing the road in the light of my car’s headlights. I had also seen a fox walking towards me on a path in the forest.

When we were almost home again, we passed a diner where I saw a woman behind a window. For a moment, I thought she was a friend of mine because she had similar hair color and length. Later, I realized it was unlikely to be her, as Wednesday was a regular workday for her, so I assumed she wouldn’t be there. Coincidentally or not, just a few days later, we ran into each other at the cinema where we were watching the same movie.

June 2024

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