Bicycle trip

We went for a bicycle ride through town, and along the sea shore, recently. It was a bright, sunny, and cold day. A day in winter, with the atmosphere of a spring-day. Because of the light, it felt like spring, and we rode past a man, who stood on the pavement in front of a house, facing the sun. He seemed to enjoy the sunlight. But, in spite of the spring-like atmosphere, it was cold because of the wind. Passers-by were dressed in winter-coats, and caps. We had our winter-coats, and caps on, as well. We came across several fallen trees, which were probably, victims of the storms of last week. In the municipal gardens, spring flowers bloomed in abundance. I could hear bird song from the still leafless trees, somewhat more than on the previous, rather gloomy days. It was a bicycle ride in winter, but I could imagine, making this trip coming June, when the roadside will be full of flowers.

February 2022

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