A Trip to Terschelling

I went on a weekend trip to Terschelling with two friends, some years ago. We stayed in a summerhouse with a nautical name, in West aan Zee. When I was on Terschelling once again, a year ago, I tried to find that specific cottage again but didn’t succeed. Many of the cottages that once had a nautical name, now have a bird name. I couldn’t find the cottage again, anyway. Maybe it wasn’t there anymore. A lot of things stay the same on that Island, but not everything. The weekend, we were there, was a weekend in November, not the ideal time for an island trip. We went by car from Utrecht to Harlingen where we left the car in the car-park before boarding the ferry-boat. When we arrived on the island it was dark, and we had to go to our cottage on rented bikes. One of us had a bike without a front-light, so we had to manage with two front-lights for the three of us, and take care not to collide with the others, on the road, in the dark. It turned out to be a real search with the limited information we had got concerning the location of the cottage. I don’t remember if we had brought a pocket-torch with us. I don’t think so, but it would have come in handy. I don’t remember what our plans were for the weekend. We like reading, so had brought books with us. The first night we went out for dinner, as the nearest hotel was only a stone’s throw away from where we were staying, and none of us felt called upon to cook. After dinner we spent the night watching a James Bond film, as in the cottage, there was a variety of James Bond films on video tape. For Saturday afternoon we all had different plans, I made a bicycle trip to Midsland aan Zee, but was caught by a spell of wintry showers. I returned after an hour, cold and wet. My friends didn’t escape the bad weather either. We all became wet and cold that afternoon. Looking back, it wasn’t a brilliant idea to spend a weekend on Terschelling in November, in summer the island is more comfortable.

May 2022

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