Marl pit, and a silver mine

In the summer of 2012, I was discharged from the revalidation centre where I had stayed for two months, after the MS attack I had in the spring of that year. We went for a holiday to a cottage in Limburg, the very next day. The boys had their summer holidays from school. One of the highlights of those weeks was a trip to the old Marl pit, nearby. We took a little lightweight folding chair with arm-rests with us, which was perfect for me. During the guided tour, I sat on the chair at every stop where the guide explained the things we saw. I used that chair frequently that summer. During the holidays, I usually do everything the others do. A couple of years ago, we went on an excursion to a Medieval silver mine in the Czech Republic. We went down narrow stairs and walked through narrow passageways with low ceilings. It was obviously quite challenging, but exciting.  It was an interesting visit there.  Yes, I am a bit disabled, but not worse than someone twenty years older than I am. I realised that during that excursion. You can do a lot, if you just do it. And accept that you need to take your time.

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