A compliment to the tandem.

A year ago, we bought a tandem. For making bicycle tours in our region. Since my left leg has become unreliable, we frequently hire a tandem, when we go on trips in our own country. It’s a solution to the problems of people like us. We love cycling, but in my case, with one leg that is in the habit of making sudden unexpected moves, cycling isn’t safe on a single bike. My partner has no such problems, so a tandem is perfect for the two of us. When my foot slips from the pedal, he (my partner) slows down a little, so I can get hold of the pedal again, or I can place my left foot on the central bar while cycling with just my right foot. I let my partner do the steering, handling the brakes, and the navigation, so I don’t have to worry about it myself. I can relax, and enjoy the scenery. One should be able to delegate, after all, it makes life a lot easier, I find.

The only drawback of sitting one behind another is that having a conversation isn’t easy. That is why we only talk during our stops, on a roadside bench. When we were looking for the best tandem for us, we considered buying one with seats beside one another, which makes it easier to talk while riding, but those bikes take up more space because they are wider. A classical tandem is better adapted to the urban environment where we live. We are very happy with our tandem. So I will say it again, a compliment to the tandem!

April 2022

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