We can go out, again!

Only quite recently, the last of the Covid restrictions were abandoned, and suddenly the possibility of visiting a concert occurred. Splendid! All of a sudden we had three concerts to go to, in 4 days. Slightly hectic, but after two years of doing without, it was high time it happened, again. So on Sunday, we went to listen to a program of miscellaneous choir pieces. On Monday we went to Amsterdam for an event, combined with a concert. And finally on Wednesday, an impressive, and moving piano duo. How luxurious! Three live concerts in a row. I enjoyed both the variety of music and the experience of being in a group of people without restrictions. It felt almost as if it had never been different. But the last concert I went to, without restrictions, was more than two years ago, before the pandemic. It was a different world, then. During the last two years, day in, day out, news reports in newspapers, on television, and the internet were totally focussed on the pandemic. Now, it happened almost seamlessly, the news bulletins are dominated by news on Ukraine. As if the pandemic is over, which it is not. It is just that the new crisis replaces the last one. It is the way things go. Nevertheless, it is great that music fans can go to concerts again, it is very good the world of music has come to life again, both for musicians, and their public.

March 2022

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