Summer holidays

A friend recently asked me how I spend my summer holidays. The answer to that question is, that I spend most of the time, reading or drawing. But as I never spend a holiday alone, part of the time is spent on family activities. If the place we stay in is near foot-paths, My sons like to go rambling. I can only take a short walk, after 45 minutes my left leg gets out of control.

If possible, we like to spend an afternoon on the water in a canoe, or with a pedalo. We also take sight-seeing trips to towns in the vicinity of the place we stay. Anyway, recreation is the main purpose for us on holiday. So, we don’t take day trips to crowded towns on very hot days. If the weather is hot, I like to sit in the shade and draw. Drawing is another of my favourite holiday activities. The results vary, but my drawing isn’t about results, but about observing my surroundings and fixing my memories. I expect that I don’t have to add here that I also like to write on holiday for the same reason as why I like drawing on holiday.

If we go to a hot country in summer, we rent a holiday house with a swimming pool so we can swim, or lounge by the pool. Sometimes we prefer a cooler country like Sweden, Luxembourg, or the North of France.

Choosing our destination can be time-consuming because of my impediments, but actually, my household consists apart from me, of three tall men. There are a lot of holiday cottages with short beds and low door posts. Those houses drop off our list.

August 2022

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