Little fires everywhere – Celeste Ng (2020)

In the prosperous American town of Shaker Heights, where an ideal society is pursued, 17-year-old student Izzy set fire to her family’s home. The house burned down, only the walls remained. According to her siblings, this wasn’t surprising because Izzy had always been disturbed. This book begins with the fire and tells what led up to this event. About the Asian foundling who had been the subject of discussion for a while. About how Mia, a new resident of Shaker Heights, and her daughter Pearl were involved in the events. About the Richardsons, a family with four children, all teenagers, with the aforementioned Izzy being one of them. And furthermore, about how the prosperous and ideal society excludes people who do not meet their standards of behavior or origin. A suffocating book with motherhood as the overarching theme, but also with various related themes such as identity, family relationships, and origin. A story with an open ending to all storylines.

October 2023

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