Flowers on the roadside

Last winter I had planned to write in summer about the roadsides flowering abundantly by the bicycle routes we frequently take. Meanwhile, June is here, but the roadsides along the bicycle routes are bare, grass and vegetation cut short.
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Reading books

I love to read, and I would like to spend a part of this blog on books, or on the subject of reading. I don’t quite know yet in what form I‘m going to do it. I’m still thinking about it. I read books of different genres, both fiction and nonfiction.
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A Trip to Terschelling

I went on a weekend trip to Terschelling with two friends, some years ago. We stayed in a summerhouse with a nautical name, in West aan Zee. When I was on Terschelling once again, a year ago, I tried to find that specific cottage again but didn’t succeed
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