Category Language

Under the heading language, you can find my reflections on language although I’m not sure yet how this category which is mainly focused on the Dutch language, will work in translation.

Inham and uitham

One of my children had, during childhood, sometimes questions about language of great importance to him. If unanswered he kept repeating them, over and over again, like:” if inham (cove) exists does uitham (tongue of land) also exist, and if it doesn’t exist, why not?”
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De Boormossel

My dad had a had a large leather toolbox he called de Boormossel (Stone borer). That name was a hint of his sense of humour: the toolbox contained amongst other tools his electric drill (boor) hence Boormossel.
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One morning, somewhere on holiday, my partner and I woke up. I wanted to use the little bathroom first, so I asked him if I could use the bathroom first, or if he wanted to go first. It was an…

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