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Nieske van der Heijde

Total reset

Last week we made one of the shortest bicycle trips we regularly make. Up the street, along a few speed bumps, past a busy crossing, and we are in the wood. It’s just a short distance from buildings to wood,…

Cold enough for snow – Jessica Au

The sentence: “It was strange at once to be so familiar yet so separated.” sums up this novel venry well. A novel about family, art and language. A meditative novel without much of a story. The narrator alternates thoughts about the nature of life with memories, sparse conversations with her mother and phonecalls with her sister.

Tokyo Ueno Station – Yu Miri

A beautiful, unassuming book. The narrator Kazu lives in a camp for the homeless near Ueno station. He tells the story of his life. Born in the same year as emperor Hirohito he lived a humble life paralel to that of the emperor.

A passage to India by E.M. Forster

This novel is one of my favourites, because of the splendid descriptions of nearly everything from the impressive landscape and natural surroundings, to the frequent social encounters of the many characters, which sometimes seem to lead to friendship but can also be awkward and then lead to awkward situations and to conflicts.